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Razdelnaya peak expedition

We invite everybody, who wants to feel high-altitude experience, has a dream to conquer a big mountain, and loves beautiful mountain landscapes to make an ascent to the Razdelnaya Peak (6148 m) .

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Razdelnaya Peak is situated between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in Pamir mountain chain.The classical route to Lenin Peak (7134 m.) cross the top of Razdelnaya, but climbing 7 thousander needs more time and energy, that`s why experienced mountain guides recommend to beginner alpinists to start from Peak Razdelnaya. To reach the top successfully one should have perfect personal physical condition, good stamina, and appropriate climbing equipment.

Our Base Camps is active from the 1st of July till the 2nd of September, 2018.

The Achik-Tash base camp, from which the ascent begins, is situated in the alpine  meadows at an altitude of 3600 meters above the level sea.  Next, Camp № 1, is located on the moraine, at an altitude of 4 400 meters. Both camps offer comfortable conditions for accommodation, and provide an ideal opportunity for rest and recovery after completion of the expedition.

Route Description

From the base camp “Achik-Tash” to “Lukovaya Polana” (Onion field), is a one hour hike along an dirt road, but can be covered in a vehicle. Then a good trail over Travelers' Pass, continuing at the foot of the slope of the spurs on the right side of Lenin Glacier, arrives at camp №  1 (ABC) after 4 or 5 hours. Camp № 1 is located on the glacial moraine of Lenin Peak. Before reaching the moraine, it is necessary to cross a river.

Usually, it is necessary to leave Camp №1 for Camp №2 an hour before sunrise, in order to avoid the heat and wet snow.  Crossing the moraine, coming to the bottom of Northern Slope, it is necessary put on mountaineering boots and for members of the party to tether together. It is important that the length of the rope between mountaineers should not be less than 10 meters.  The ascent should be achieved by the Northern sharp slope, to the left of the icefall, avoiding multiple ice crevices. The most difficult and dangerous places should be equipped with a parapet. The upper part of the route goes to the right, before the big ice plateau named “Skovorodka”.  It is necessary to cross the plateau from the left to the right. Camp №2, lies at an altitude of 5300 meters, on the upper moraine at the foot of the Northern-West crest. The time from camp №1 to camp №  2 is usually 7-9 hours.

From the camp №2 the route takes a steep ascent to the North-Western crest. Then the route bears left before the sharp summit of Razdelnaya. Camp № 3 is located on the wide dome of the Peak, at the altitude 6100 meters above the sea level. The time from camp № 2 to camp №  3 is usually 4-6 hours.

From the camp №3 on the canopy with a small set of heights move to the right and ascent the top of peak Razdelnaya 6148 m.

Day by day program

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek, transfer to the hotel, hotel accommodation.

Arrival at the airport. After retrieving baggage and passing customs control upon arrival at the "Manas" international airport, you will be met by a representative of our company, who  will give you all the necessary documents and permits, after which you will be taken to the 3* hotel located in the center of our capital city - Bishkek.

Day 2. Flight to Osh. Transfer Osh-Achik-Tash.

After an early breakfast, the driver will pick you up and take you to the morning flight Bishkek-Osh. In Osh you will be met by our representative, and further on our transport you will be delivered to the Base Camp "Achik-Tash".

Day 3. Acclimatization in the base camp, walk to the waterfall.

After the breakfast, group goes on acclimatization walk. Return to camp. Lunch. Rest. Checking of the high-altitude equipment.

Day 4. Acclimatization hike to the ridge of Petrovsky peak.

After breakfast, there would be an acclimatize hike to the ridge. Ascent up to the snow, up to a height of 4000 m. There are spectacular views of the Alai valley and the Achik-Tash tract from the top. Return to Base Camp for lunch. Rest, packing stuff for tomorrow trek to camp 1.

Day 5. Trek to  the Camp 1 (4400 m).

After breakfast, we go to camp 1. The baggage can be sent by horse (for an additional fee). The path goes through the alpine meadows, through the Puteshestvennikov Pass, and further along the slope of the ridge along the Lenin Glacier. The path takes 4-7 hours.

Day 6. Ascent to Domashniy peak or to Yuhin peak 5100 m.

We leave camp after the breakfast. Ascent does not require special equipment. Depending on the status of the group, you can climb to the Home peak 4700 m, or go from the Domashniy peak and go up to the Yukhin peak of 5100 m. Return to Camp 1.

Day 7. Preparation for the ascent.
In the morning, we exercise on ice. We go through the rules of movement across the glacier, work in a rope team, climb and descent along a fixed rope, skills of self-rescue and rescue of the injured from a glacial fissure. Rest, packing stuff for tomorrow ascend to camp 2.

Day 8. Trek to the Camp 2. (5300 m).
We leave at 4 o'clock in the morning. Ascent along the northern slope of Lenin Peak. Moving on crampons, in rope teams, crossing glacial cracks. The transition takes 7-9 hours. Overnight in tents in camp 2. Self-cooking.

Day 9. Ascent to Razdelnaya Peak (6148 m).
We leave at 9 am. In some meters a steep rise to the ridge. Moving along a wide ridge and again a steep ascent to the top of the Razdelnaya Peak. Moving on crampons in rope team. The average transit time is 4-6 hours. Descent to Camp 2. Overnight in camp 2, Self-cooking.

Day 10. Descent to the base camp 3600 m.
Early in the morning we start descent from camp 3 to Camp 1. Moving on crampons in rope team. Lunch in the camp 1. After lunch, descend to the base camp. Dinner at the base camp.

Day 11. Reserve day

Reserve day in case of bad weather.

Day 12. Transfer from Achik-Tash to Osh. Hotel accommodation.

After breakfast, will be organized transfer from Base Camp to Osh. You will be delivered to hotel.

Day 13. Flight to Bishkek. Hotel accommodation.

After early breakfast, our driver will be taken you to the airport for the morning flight from Osh to Bishkek. In Bishkek you will be met and taken to the 3* hotel.

Day 14. Transfer to airport. Departure from Bishkek.

The driver will take you from the hotel at the necessary time and take you to the airport to the right flight.

Guaranteed departure dates program

Guaranteed departure date expedition with experienced mountaineering guide.

For you convenience in 2018 we organize four group departures with fixed dates!

11 July to 24 July

Basic program: 14 days:
11.07.18 - arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the Hotel.
12.07.18 - flight to Osh. Transfer to “Achik Tash” BC.
13.07.18-21.07.18 - acclimatization and ascending program.
22.07.18 - transfer to Osh.
23.07.18 - flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in Hotel.
24.07.18 - flight home.

25 July to 8 August 

Basic program: 14 days:
25.07.18 - arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the Hotel.
26.0087.18 - flight to Osh. Transfer to “Achik Tash” BC.
27.07.18-05.08.18 - acclimatization and ascending program.
06.08.18 - transfer to Osh.
07.08.18 - flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in Hotel.
08.08.18 - flight home.

7 August to 20 August 

Basic program: 14 days:
07.08.18 - arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the Hotel.
08.08.18 - flight to Osh. Transfer to “Achik Tash” BC.
09.08.18-17.08.18 - acclimatization and ascending program.
18.08.18 - transfer to Osh.
19.08.18 - flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in Hotel.
20.08.18 - flight home.

13 August to 26 August 

Basic program: 14 days:
13.08.18 - arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the Hotel.
14.08.18 - flight to Osh. Transfer to “Achik Tash” BC.
15.08.18-23.08.18 - acclimatization and ascending program.
24.08.18 - transfer to Osh.
25.08.18 - flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in Hotel.
26.08.18 - flight home.

Transport schedule

Transport schedule Osh - BC “Achik Tash” for 2018:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31

2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14

Transport schedule BC “Achik Tash” - Osh for 2018:

20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 1

We provide transfers by Mercedes microbuses in groups of 10-15 people. Individual transfers are done by 4x4 vehicles or minivans.

The cost of program in 2018

Cost of the guided expedition Bishkek - Bishkek in 2018: 1440 USD per person

The price includes services of full package:

- boundary zone permit, OVIR registration, visa support (if necessary)
- meeting/seeing off at the airport
- transfer Osh - Base Camp "Achik-Tash" - Osh (according with schedule)
- transfer BC - Lukovaya valley - BC (according with schedule)
- flight Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek and back (please note that local airlines allow only 15 free of charge luggage! Extra kilo costs about 1-2    USD)
- 4 nights at a hotel with breakfast (in Osh and Bishkek)
- lunch en route to/from BC
- registration with rescue team
- ecological fee

The price includes services of full package plus additional services:  
- Experienced high altitude guide
- Guaranteed installed high altitude tents (2 pax in one tent) on 5300 m
- Group equipment: rope (if needed), gas and gas stoves, cooking set.
- High altitude food

Services in the base camp “Achik Tash” on 3600m:
- Accommodationin double tents. Each tent is equipped with mattresses and wooden platforms and electricity.
- Meals – full board. Buffet breakfast
- Guide-consultant’s services
- Dining-tent, WC, storage, hot shower
- First aid and consultation of doctor
- Electricity 220V, permanent source of electricity!

Services in the camp 1 on 4400m:
- Accommodation in double tents. Each tent is equipped with mattresses and wooden platforms.
- Meals – full board. Early breakfast from 3 to 4 a.m. on request
- Guide-consultant’s services
Dining-tent, WC tent, storage tent
Medical kit
Electricity 220V, 50HZ, only in the evening from 6 to 10 p.m., source is generator.

Additional services

- Bath in BC and C1 (capacity - 2-3 people) - $25/hour;
- Gas cartridge Kovea (230ml, screw) - $9/ per balloon & $10/ per balloon in C1;
- Accommodation in a tent (2-bed accommodation), including use of electricity, water, toilet, without meal in BC and C1 - $25/tent/per night;
- Accommodation in a tent (2-bed accommodation) with full board meal in BC and C1 - $55/per person;
- Breakfast in BC and C1 (in C1- early breakfast is possible from 3-00 to 4-00 in the morning) - $15/ per person;
- Lunch in BC and C1 - $15/ per person;
- Dinner in BC and C1 - $15/ per person;
- Laundry service (washing machine) - $5/per kg & not provided in C1;
- Internet (WI FI) - free in BC & $5/hour in C1;

High altitude food - $120/ per set
- Overnight in already installed high altitude tent - 60/ tent / per night

High-altitude guide services
- 1 guide for 1 person - $1400
- 1 guide for 2 persons - $1600 (800/ per person)
- 1 guide for 3 persons - $1800 (600/ per person)
- Guide for climbing the peak Yuhina (1 day) - $60

Prices for porters service are not included in the package: 
BC - C1 (4200 m) - 3 USD/kg
C1 - C2 (5300 m) - 6 USD/kg
C2 - C3 (6100 m) - 8 USD/kg
C1 - C3 (6100 m) - 14 USD/kg

* The price is same for carrying up and carrying down.

Rental of equipment

- Gas stove Kovea - $25
- Cookset Kovea - $25
- Static rope (25-40m) -$30
- High-altitude tent RED FOX Explorer (2 - bed) - $80
- Ice axe - $25
- Crampons - $40
- Avalanche shovel - $10
- Sleeping bag - $70
- Sleeping pad - $10
- Harness - $20
- Carbines (2 pc.) - $10
- Jumar - $15
- Helmet - $15
- Telescopic Sticks - $20

Additional services in Bishkek and Osh

- Flight ticket: Bishkek-Osh-Bishkek: (according to the tariffs of airlines) - $50-$150 (two ways)
- Accommodation in a hotel 3 * in Bishkek - Sgl - $60/room; Twin - $70/room
- Accommodation in a hotel 3 * in Osh - Sgl - $50/room; Twin - $60/room
- Meals on the road Osh-BС-Osh - $10/per person

Transfers services

- Group transfer Osh - BC or BC-Osh one way (according to schedule) - $30/ per person
- Transfer airport – hotel or hotel-airport one way - $10/ per person

- Individual transfer Osh - BC or BC-Osh one way - minibus "Mercedes Sprinter" (max 10 people) - $250; minivan / jeep (max   4 people) - $200

List of required equipment:
1. Backpack - 85 liters
2. Sleeping bag -1
3. Sleeping pad – 1
4. Harness – 1
5. Carbines  - 4
6. Jumar – 1
7. Crampons– 1
8. Repshnur (6-7 mm) – 5 m
9. Ice axe – 1
10. Sun glasses – 1 or 2
11. Torch (headlamp) -1 + set of spare batteries
12. Ice screw -2
13. Folding knife – 1
14. Down jacket/parka -1
15. Gortex: pants, jacket – 1 suit
16. Polartec: jacket 200 -1; pants – 1   17. Thermal underwear – 1 suit
18. Polartec 100 – 1 suit (jacket, pants)
19. Polartec gloves -1
20. Overmitts – 1.+ windproof -1
21. Warm hat -1
22. Balaclava -1
23. Warm socks -2 pairs
24. Socks
25. Gamashi
26. Sun protection crèam
27. Figure-8 descender - 1
28. Telescopic Sticks (poles). – 1
29. Avalanche shovel –1
30. High altitude boots - 1
31. Trekking boots -1

Insurance policy

ATTENTION! To participation in Razdelnaya Peak expedition the purchase of an insurance policy is OBLIGATORY!

Below you can check the list of our requirements to the insurance policy.
1) GLOBAL VOYAGER CAN NOT INTERVENE as an insurance company assistant . Our company does not work with GLOBAL VOYAGER assistant. In case the client has purchased an insurance policy in any company whose assistant is GLOBAL VOYAGER, medical and transportation expenses will be borne by the client involved.
2) The sum of the policy must cover not less than USD 30000,00
3) In the field "occupation" (or "sports practice") "Mountaineering" must be notified
4) As Country of stay - Kyrgyzstan
5) The effective dates of the insurance policy must be included and coincide with the dates of Stay in Kyrgyzstan
6) The insurance policy must cover at least "first aid" and "transportation of the injured" by helicopter if necessary. The amount of coverage for the "transportation of the injured" must be at least $ 10000,00 (be sure of this point to be included during the formalization of the insurance policy)

Attention. Responsibility for the reliability of the insurance company and for the accordance of insurance policy to our demands holds by the owner of insurance.

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