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Ski touring & freeride program in Uzbekistan
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Ski touring & freeride program in Uzbekistan.

Ski touring & freeride program in Uzbekistan. Sketch itinerary winter/spring 2017-2018

Contact information
viber/whatsapp: +99897 7009846
telegram: +99898 3039846

Chimgan-Beldersay is the main skiing area in Uzbekistan, which is located in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan (90 km far from Tashkent). Chimgan in the best way approaches for family leisure with children, Beldersay is more appropriate for skilled skiers and snowboarders. The most interesting areas for ski touring are situated between 2000-2500 m.

There are two double-chair ski lifts and some hoop lifts in Chimgan and Beldersay (5 km from Chimgan).

Sketch itinerary winter/spring 2017-2018

Day 01. Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport, transfer in Chimgan. Arrangements with an accommodation. If the time allows - ski-tracks of Chimgan. The length of the chair lift road in Chimgan - 800 m. Overfall of heights - 385 m. Length of the rope-tow - 570 m. Overfall of heights - 250 m. Chimgan has several routes and type of complexities, a ski-track for beginning skiers, extended up to 1500 m has a rope-tow lift, considered as "blue" tracks long, flat, and easy. The ski-track for slalom is extended up to 900 m and equipped with chair lift and classified as a "red" track of mid level difficulty.

Day 02. Acquaintance with the area, an ascent to the Western Ridge of Chimgan, and then descent downwards, vertical drop - 600 m. Start at height of 2350 m. It will be possible to do it two times during the day. Return by car to hotel.

Day 03. Transfer in Beldersay. Highest point - 2880 m. Length of the ski-track - 3017 m. Overfall of heights - 765 m. Average bias of the ski-track - 27. Maximal bias - 52.1. Extension of the chair-lift - 2250 m. Overfall of heights - 565m. Extension of the rope-tow - 700m. Overfall of heights - 200m. Ski-tracks of Beldersay basically are intended for skilled mountain skiers, but there are also good conditions for beginners. The peculiarity of local climate creates extreme temperatures and plentiful snowfalls which promote a high-quality snow cover. Descents are carried out from mountain Kumbel, which slopes in area of skiing have smoothed relief (steepness up to 30 degrees) without deep gorges and canyons. Archa and the deciduous woods grow on slopes alternating with open glades. Going up to the top of Kumbel mountain is carried out by chair lift road (length 2250 m) and further proceeds on rope-tow lift (length 700m). Ski-tracks for mass riding are laid out along the rope-tow and chair lifts. Free descents begin from the west side of Kumbel mountain directly from a crest of a ridge and come to an end in a vein of stream of Beldersay. Width of slopes for free descents up to 1 km, length of descents up to 5 km.

For the experienced backcountry skiers we offer to descent towards the Chet-Kumbel pass, then climb back to the Kumbel Peak, vertical drop is 600 m. It is possible to make two descents during the day. Return to hotel in Chimgan.

Day 04. Transfer to Beldersay, lifting on ski-lift to the Kumbel Peak, then traverse to the Maygashkan peak, descent to Beldersay village. Vertical drop - 800 m. Return back to hotel by car.

Day 05. Ascent to the Smaller Chimgan peak and then descent towards the Charvak Lake. (Or, subject to the snow conditions, repeat the most exciting element of previous days). Night in hotel.

Day 06. Repeat the most exciting element of previous days. Transfer to Tashkent train station. Leave for Bukhara by the night train.

Day 07.
07.00 Meeting at the Kagan train station. Transfer to Bukhara. A breakfast in hotel;
09.00 Excursion across Bukhara;
19.00 Transfer to train station;
20.50 Train to Samarkand.

Day 08.
01.40 Arrival in Samarkand. A meeting at train station, transfer to hotel.
10.00. Excursion across Samarkand.
17.30. Transfer to the train station.
18.00 Train to Tashkent.
20.00 Arrival in Tashkent, meeting at train station, transfer in the airport.
End of the program

The cost includes:
All meetings, seeng-offs and transfers on a route.
Service of a professional guide.
Accommodation in Chimgan hotel.
Railway tickets for a train (compartment) Tashkent - Bukhara, Bukhara - Samarkand.
Railway tickets for «Аfrosiab» train Samarkand - Tashkent.
Service of guides in Samarkand and Bukhara.
Car with the driver during excursion in Samarkand.
Breakfast in Bukhara and Samarkand, Chimgan.

The cost does not include:
A food in Chimgan and in the cities.
Skipass/Lift charge in Chimgan and Beldersay.
Entrance tickets for excursion objects in Samarkand and Bukhara.
Rent of ski/board, tent, sleeping bag and personal gears and wearing.

2 pax:
630 USD per person.
3 pax: (triple room)
500 USD per person.
4 pax:
450 USD per peson.

Local peculiarities of Ski Touring in Uzbekistan Mountains

Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent

Chimgan Mountains
The Chimgan Mountains are invariably attractive for skiers. The wide variety of Chimgan and its surroundings allows all kinds of ski activities. The most interesting region for ski touring is the area of the Western Ridge of Greater Chimgan Peak (start of descent at height of 2350 m), ascent through Tahta-Djaylao (2190 m) saddle. Another attraction for ski-tourers is ascent to the Smaller Chimgan peak and then descent towards the Charvak Lake. The Charvak Artificial Lake lake is located at the altitude 900m above the sea level. The lake is surrounded by mountain ranges.

Climate combined with mountainous terrain provides ideal conditions for the development of winter sports. Infrastructure that is not enough developed opens endless possibilities for off-piste and ski touring. The best time for ski touring – late January – March.

There are the guides for all kinds of skiing and snowboarding.

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