Tour 2 “Wild Kamchatka, ski-tour, backcountry”

Day 1. Arrival, Meeting at the airport.  Transfer by the snowmobile to the “Avachinsky” pass.1 hour by the snowmobile. 

Night 1. At the camp “Avachinsky”.

Day 2. Transfer by the snowmobile to the valley of the “Nalichevo” river. Accommodation at the camp “Nalichevo”. 2-4 hours by the snowmobile. During the trip you will enjoy beautiful view of the “Nalichevo” valley and “Koryaksky” volcano.  

Night 2. At the “Nalichevo” camp.

Day 3. Transfer to the camp “Talovskie” spring. 1-2 hours by the snowmobile.

Night 3. At the camp “Talovskie” spring.

Day 4. Radial ski trip to the “Dzenzur” Volcano.

Night 4. At the camp “Talovskie” spring.

Day 5. Radial ski trip to the “Jupanovsky” Volcano.

Night 5. At the “Nalichevo” camp.

Day 6. Radial ski trip to the “Vershinskaya” hill.

Night 6. At the “Nalichevo” camp.

Day 7. Radial ski trip to the Arik or Aag. Usually there is very good snow.

Night 7. At the “Nalichevo” camp.

Day 8. Rest.

Night 8. At the “Nalichevo” camp.

Day 9. Transfer by the snowmobile from the “Nalichevo” camp to the “Avachinsky” pass.

Night 9. At the camp “Avachinsky”.

Day 10. Climb to the “Avachinsly” Volcano. Walk 5-7 hours from the camp to the top of the Volcano. Difference 1800 m. As usually, at the top of the volcano, the snow is very hard and unfit for downhill.  But the thing is worth the effort.  You will be on the top of active volcano .  The crater is full of clinker after eruption in 1991 year. At the top of the Volcano you will need to use crampons, move with safety equipment. 

Night 10.At the camp “Avachinsky”.

Day 11. Rest day.

Night 11. At the camp “Avachinsky” or in the city.

Day 12. Transfer from the camp. Departure.


Arrival. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the sledge, place where you will seat to the snowmobile. It is in 10 km away from the airport. On the way you can visit food stores. 

Transfer to the “Avachinsky” pass. It is located besides “Koryaksky” and “Avachinsky” Volcano. Accommodation at the camp. 25 km (40-60 min.) by snowmobile.  Sometimes It will be necessary to use sledge, or to ski in tow.  It is not difficult and very interesting. Mostly snowmobile routes, during the whole trip, will be in tow. It requires from tourist good ski skills. 

Accommodation at the camp “Avachinsky”. It is small houses with bunk bed.  WC and bathroom out of doors. 

The next day transfer to the “Nalichevo” river’s valley. Accommodation at the camp “Nalichevo”. It will be necessary to use own sleeping bag. WC and bathroom and Russian baths out of doors.  Hot mineral springs. 

The next day transfer to the Dzenzur Volcano. Near to the “Talovsky” cordon you will have a test skiing.    Relax in the hot mineral spring. During next days we will have radial one day tours. 

Take a rest on the 8th day of your trip. The next day you will have not easy climb to the “Avachinsky” Volcano, 2741m high. For this climbing it is necessary to have good conditioning. 

You can skiing from the top of the Volcano. 


Our journey is an extreme type of rest.  Therefore our guides will do everything to make your vocation comfortable and safety. On your’s part is necessary to observe the safety rules and guide’s directions. During the whole trip you will be accompany with professional rescue team. 

 Nalichevo nature park

Beginning. Arik, Koryaksky, Avachinsky Volcano

“Dzenzur” Volcano,  “Jupanovsky” Volcano. Valley of the “Nalichevo” river.


Avachinsky and Koryaksky Volcano

“Nalichevo” mineral hot spring

The top of Avachinsky Volcano




Minibus Toyota Hiace, 4WD, Toyota Land Cruiser.

Snowmobile Ski-Doo.

Minimal group: 4 people.

Maximal group: 8 people.

Tour cost:

– 1300 euro per person

The cost include:

-Transfer airport-city-airport.

-Transfers (according to the tour).



-entry tickets for the “Nalichevo” park.



The cost does not include:

– insurance

-air tickets 

-alcohol, а также fua-gra, sturgeon, jamón  and etc. 

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