11 Days Silk Road Tour From Kashgar

Irkishtam Pass – Kashgar – Khotan – Aksu – Kucha – Kurla – Torpan – Urumqi

Day 01 (Meals: D)
Entry From Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar Via Irkishtam Pass, 270km. This day Morning our guide met you an the border gat entry work after back to the Kashgar. Over night 4 stars Tianyuan International Hotel

Day 02: Kashgar ( Meals: B.L.D)
This day , take a visit to handicracts street, an old street with an amazing hand-made stuff from strictly utilitarian cookware to exotic musical instruments, than continue your trip to Id Kah Mosque, which is one of the largest and busiest in China. than, you can take a short visit to Apak Hoja Tomb. If it is Sunday, they local Bazaar will be a good place for you to have a visit. This ancient market attracts locals and merchants from all over Xinjiang and nearby countries such as Pakistan and Kirghizstan. 


Day 03: Kashgar – Yengisar – Yarkand – Kargilik – Hotan (540km/336miles)  Meals: (B.L.D) 

Our driver and experienced Silk Road guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00am local time and drive you to Hotan. First stop is at a Yengisar Knife Factory in the famous knife town whose quality and workmanship are renown throughout Xinjiang.
Pushing on we will have lunch in Yarkand, a former capital of Uyghur Kingdoms in the Past. In Yarkand, we will visit the Golden Mosque, Amannisahan Tomb (a famous musician in 16th Century.), Tomb of Kings during the Seidiye Kingdom and an interesting graveyard for locals in the Town. During the time of the Silk Road, Yarkand was a developed city and a major transportation hub. Throughout history, many musicians from India and Kashmir came here to learn.  After lunch, we will visit the old town and then drive on to Hotan. On the way, we will stop in Kargilik (Yecheng in Chinese) to see the Jamma Mosque and local market. We should arrive in Hotan at about 5:00pm local time and check into the 4 Star Shihu Hotel. 

Day 04: Full day tour in Hoten. (Meals: B.L.D) 

Today, together with our tour guide and driver, you will learn as possible about Hotan with its history, culture and unique lifestyle.
1. Old town: this is one of the most interesting parts of the city tour as lifestyles remain largely traditional as the city modernizes elsewhere. Here you can learn much about local Uyghurs and their ways. 
2. Jade river: According to Hotan statistics, approximately 20% of Hotan city people pick up Jade from the river every year from August to May and the numbers are growing each year.
3. Carpet Factory: One of Hotan’s primary exports abroad and especially famous throughout China.
4. Silk and Atlas Factory: Silk production has a long established history in Hotan and we will visit a family who has been famously weaving the silk for many years. Atlas is a local cloth made by silk. Uyghur ladies love to wear clothes made from this cloth, especially skirts.
5. Jade factory: Here you can find good quality Jade at very reasonable prices as this is the source. There are many well carved Jade items, and whether large or small, all make great gifts to take home for family and friends.
6. Malike Awat Ancient city: This one time ancient capital sits 25 kms outside of Hotan and is important part of the areas local heritage.
7. Imam Asim Tomb: Lying 28kms from Hotan city, this is one of Hotan’s most special historical and cultural sites and especially useful for learning about the unique customs of Hotan’s people and her nearby villages.
In May, many people come from far and wide to pray at the tomb. They regard it as a holy place as there are few tombs and large mosques in Xinjiang for locals to pray in. Some local people also slaughter sheep or goats whose skulls and hides can sometimes be seen on site.
By late afternoon your tour will be over.
Hotan is known as a mysterious old city with a long history. The town is named Yutian in Chinese history books. It has always been an important city on the ancient Silk Road. Nowadays the city is famous for its carpet, silk and jade production. There are many historical places to visit and explore nearby, including Malike Awat (a former capital city in ancient times) and the Imam Asim Tomb (a holey place among local people in and around Hotan who usually visit every Thursday). In May, thousands of people come here to worship and take part in traditional activities. Hotan museum is also worth a visit to see two mummies there which are well kept. Thousand year old walnut and fig tress on the cities outskirts are also worth a look. Over night 4stars Shihu Hotel, (B.L.D)

Day 05: Hotan – Aksu (Taklimakan Desert new high way) (615km/382miles)
Today, we will drive on the new Taklimakan desert highway to Aksu via a new city named Alar. It is about 6 hours driving to Alar city. On the way, we will stop for photos and to visit local villages. The people of Tewekkul village are particularly well-known for their business sense. During winter time, most of the young farmers retire to the main cities of Xinjiang or inland China to do business when there is nothing to do in the fields. Today we will also stop at several other villages near the main road to experience local culture. Lunch will be in Alar city and we will spend a little time driving around the city before driving 130kms on towards Aksu. Once there we will check in to the 4stars Aksu Ying Bing hotel. 

Day 06: Aksu-Kucha (Meals: B.L.D)
Kucha – Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves – Beacon Tower (250km/155miles)
Itinerary today begins with a visit to the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, about 75kms from the city. The caves date back to the 3rd century CE and took around 500 years to complete. They form one of the highpoints of Uyghur civilization and a proud part of our heritage. The caves are divided into eastern and western sections. The eastern sections were generally painted the same and include many descriptions of Buddhist legends. The western sections describe the life of Sakyamuni (The historical Buddha). Our tour guide can help you learn more about the history of this fascinating place.
In the afternoon, we will visit the Ancient City of Subash and Ancient City of Wushkat. At one time these were both thriving civilizations making a living on the Silk Road trade that flowed nearby. Your tour guide will help you with the history. After ending the day with a trip to Kucha’s Grand Mosque we will return back to our hotel. 

Day 07: Kucha – Korla (420kms/262miles) (Meals: B.L.D) 
After having a breakfast, we will drive to Tongguzbashi ancient city. As one of the best preserved Ancient Cities in Xinjiang, it’s the perfect place to capture old Silk Road memories and wow family and friends when you get back home. From Tonggusbashi, we drive to Korla. Today Korla is a thriving metropolis and is developing so fast that people say it is already becoming a second Urumqi. There are direct trains to inland China from Korla where we will arrive at 3:00pm local time. After checking in to the 4 Star Bostan Hotel, we will take a walk around the old part of the city (the Uyghur’s part) and have dinner there in the evening market (optional). Then return back hotel. 

Day 08: Korla – Tohsun – Turpan (450km/280miles) (Meals: B.L.D) 
Setting out, we leave for Turpan at 8:00am local time. It’s a 6 hour drive including, photo stop and lunch stop to reach there and lunch will likely be in a local village on route. Today you will enjoy the villages of the Silk Road and Turpan Gobi desert. We arrive in Turpan about 3:00pm local time and check in to the 4 Star Hozhu Hotel . After a 30 minute rest, we will visit the Karez System, Emin Tower and later have dinner in the famous Grape Valley with a Uyghur song and dance performance. Dinner will be followed by a relaxing evening stroll around the village and then back to the hotel. 4stars Hozhu Hotel.

Day 09: Turpan Urumqi (180km/112miles) (Meals: B.L.D) 
This morning we visit the Ancient cities of Idkut (Gaochang) and Yargul (Jiao he), alongside the Astana Tombs, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha caves followed by a relaxing lunch in a nearby village. After lunch, we will push on to Urumqi, visiting the Flaming Mountains along the way. We will arrive in Urumqi around 4:00pm local time where you have the choice of a good city view at the 4 Star Wai mao Hotel or the popular 4 Star Ramada Hotel. Other hotels include the 5 Star Sheraton and HoiTak Hotels. 

Day 10: Take a driving for 110km northeast to visit the holy Heavenly Lake (Tian chi). (Meals: B.L.D) 
In the mourning visit Xinjiang museum the largest museum in the western China silk road, After drive to the Heavenly lake.  The beautiful lake is flanked by rugged pines and cypresses, with clear melting waters reflecting the surrounding of Snow Capped mount Bogeda. After then tour, be transferred back to downtown, you can then take a short visit to erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar or Xinjiang Mseume. All good things must finally come to a close and so must our tour at this point. Your friendship and good time is all we can ask for on any tour and our farewell dinner is usually a special time for everyone. We will eat at a popular Uyghur Restaurant in Dong Korok(Er Dao Qiao). 

Day 11: Hotel to Airport, end of service.


Price: 1 person –  5200 USD

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