Author Topic: Two day backpacking in Uzbekistan Tien-Shan  (Read 1470 times)


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Two day backpacking in Uzbekistan Tien-Shan
« on: May 04, 2017, 03:40:49 PM »
Two day backpacking in Uzbekistan Tien-Shan

The Chimgan Mountains are invariably attractive for mountaineers. The wide variety of Chimgan and its surroundings allows the activity in all kinds of mountaineering and landscape tourism. Mountains (Small and Greater Chimgan Peaks - 3,309 m) of Chatkal range, plateaus, the Black Waterfall (40 m) at the lower part of Greater Chimgan Peak, Gulkam waterfalls, attract a lot of tourists from Uzbekistan and abroad.

Day 1. Driving from Tashkent through the Galvasay village to the recreation zone "Chimgan" at the foothill of the Chatkal range in the West Tien Shan (100 km, 1,5 hours, 1,300 m). Going up by a good path to the Pesochniy pass (1,832 m). Descending to the gorge of the Gulkamsay river. After lunch in the birch grove go to Vodoprovod (the snowfields of Kuyluksay). Camp. Nicht in the tent.
Day 2. After breakfast go through one of the most beautiful places in the mountains of Uzbekistan - the Gulkam canyon to Kuyluksay canyon. Rock chap at times converging up to 5 m having numerous small waterfalls, baths, rock gorges and with frequent wades can be walked through in 2 hours. Lunch can be organized at the end of canyon. After rest - going downstream the Gulkamsay river to the water intake near the country road. Departure by car to Tashkent along the Charvak water reservoir. Majestic panorama of Ugam, Pskem and Koksu ranges of the West Tien Shan surrounding Charvak water reservoir opens up from the road.

Price 2 pax - 200 USD/per group

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