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West Tien-Shan Mountains Map. Pskem

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mountain map West Tien-Shan Mountains Map. Pskem mountain map
mountain map  

Map of mountain Ranges and Rivers of West Tien-Shan Mountains: Pskem, Bikilisay, Kulchengan, Kulakstansay, Kulabsay, Ugam Ridge

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Tien-Shan Trekking - Trekking in the Tien Shan Mountains

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Chimgan-Beldersay area

Chimgan-Beldersay area is located in the territory of Ugam-Chatkal National Park and is part of Bostanlyk district (Tashkent region). Chimgan village is located 12 km from Charvak reservoir, one of the largest artificial water reservoirs in Uzbekistan. The area is intersected by Chimgansay and Beldersay rivers. Chimgan village is located in the mountain massive of dominant Greater Chimgan peak (3,309 m) of Chatkal Range at an altitude of 1,620 m. Climatic conditions in Chimgan are determined by the mountainous part of the Ugam-Chatkal National Nature Park. The climate is continental; there are seasonal and daily fluctuations. During the day it is warm, the evenings are cool. Spring comes in April in the mid-mountains; in the high mountains there is snow and cold until midsummer. The highest temperature is in June-July and early-August. Mean daily temperature of the warmest month (July) fluctuates from 20 to 35 C degrees. Average annual precipitation is 650 mm. Heavy snowfall is in winter, which allows ski tourism development. Snow cover lasts for 4-5 months. The frost period lasts about 130 days. Within the territory of Tashkent region there is Ugam-Chatkal National Nature Park occupying 576 sq km and Chatkal reserve occupying 22,000 hectares of land. Ugam-Chatkal National Nature Park is considered as a part of future West Tien-Shan Trans-Boundary Biosphere Reserve. The wide variety of Chimgan and its surroundings allows the development of landscape and adventure tourism. Read more ...

Brichmulla-Nanai area

The Brichmulla-Nanai area incorporates villages situated in the south-east of the Charvak water reservoir at 960 m a.s.l. of western extremity of the Koksu Ridge (West Tien Shan). The centre of tourism is village Brichmulla that occupies an area of 15,000 ha and has a population of 4,100 people. The Brichmulla-Nanai area is a conventional tourism development area. The area is located in the Bostanlyk district (an administrative-territorial unit) of the Tashkent region. A favorable climate of Brichmulla is created by surrounding foothills and the Charvak water reservoir, which moistures and cools down the air in summer (+ 30 degrees C). However the cold weather is more perceptible in winter (up to -25 degrees C). The rain mainly falls in spring and autumn. The best season for the beachfront tourism is July-August, for horse-riding and hiking - late April and early October. Winter is the best season for lovers of peace and quiet of rural way of life and those who look for snow adventures. Special winter trails are available, too. The nature conditions of Brichmulla are especially attractive for lovers of landscape and ecological tourism. Canyon Kulasya, Aukashka-Ohotnichiy Peak (3099m) are located here. The Koksu River flows through picturesque gorge with waterfalls. The main sightseeing for many is the Charvak water reservoir. Read more ... 

Humsan-Aktash area

Villages Humsan and Aktash are located in Bostanlyk district of Tashkent province. Humsan occupies 15,000 hectares along the Ugam River and is situated on the southern; slopes of the Karjantau Ridge of the West Tien-Shan. Surrounding foothills and mountains influence the climate of the area. Winter is cold and wet. The rivers cools down the air in summer. Downpours fall in spring and autumn creating menace of landslide and mudflow. The temperature rises as high as 40 degrees (Celsius) in summer, and falls to -15 degrees in winter. Located nearby, Charvak water reservoir strongly influences sub-regional climate. Humsan-Aktash is a territory where a great number of bushes, flowers and trees grow, including legally protected species. Medicinal plants have a special status, their harvesting being legally regulated. Present animals include bears, wolves, foxes and wild sheep. Eagles, partridges and fish are representatives of other interesting biological species. Humsan has picturesque landscapes of hills, mountain slopes, gorgeous canyon of the Ugam River, bush-covered hills, and karst leaves. Waterfall "Forty braids" is also located here, on the tributary Pustaliksay. The Chirchik River and Charvak water reservoir are within the reach, too. From peaks the Karjantau ridge one can view a considerable part of the valley with villages and natural landscapes located there. The area has good accessibility. It is possible to use a car and a middle-class bus (minibus). Alternative routes are railway Tashkent-Khodjikent (3 times a day) and continue to Humsan by taxi. Other centers of tourism, Chimgan and Brichmulla, are located 40 km (1 h.) and 60 km (1 h.) from Humsan, respectively. Read more  


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