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Fann Mountains trek Azorchashma. Fixed date.
« on: July 04, 2017, 01:17:10 PM »
Fann Mountains trek Azorchashma. Fixed date.

Key Information
Tour Duration: 12 day(s)
Recommended Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination: Tajikistan
Location: Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand)
Route: Route: Samarkand - Dushanbe - Alaudinsky lakes - Moutniy lakes - Chimtarga Pass - Greater Alo - Smaller Alo - Amshut - Duoba - Pushtikul - Munora - Sarymat - Tavasang - Azorchashma - Darahti Surh - Marguzorsky lakes - Dushanbe/Hodzhent - Samarkand/Tashkent
Specialty Categories: Mountain Trekking/Mountain Climbing
Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging
Season: June - September
Mountain Guides Service Included: Yes
Porters Availability: Yes
Cook Availability: Yes
The Guide/Climber Ratio: 1:5 

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Fixed dates: 12.08-23.08, 29.08-9.09, 23.09-04.10.

1. Day. Departure from Samarkand. Early in the morning a meeting on border with Tajikistan. A frontier point of Sary-Asija. Moving to Alaudinsky lakes. Night in tents.
2. Day. Walk from Alaudinsky lakes to Moutniy lakes (donkeys with drivers are available). Night in tents. Donkeys further not go.
3. Day. Climbing under Chimtarga Pass (4500 m). Night in tents.
4. Day. Pass Chimtarga Pass (1Б). Further along the river Right Zindan, by lake Zindan, the track follows to Greater Alo lake. Night in tents. From this place donkeys are available again.
5. Day. Radial hike to Upper Alo. Return to Greater Alo. Night in tents.
6. Day. Descent to Amshut, Duoba. Night in tents.
7. Day. Duoba - Valangi-Shahob - lake Pushtikul. Night in tents.
8. Day. Walk from Pushtikul lake through Munora Pass to Sarymat-Obi-Safed. Donkeys will go through Gajrosang. Night in tents.
9. Day. Sarymat-Obi-Safed, Tavasang Pass, descent from the pass to 7-th Marguzor lake - Azorchashma. Night in tents.
10. Day. Radial hike to Darahti-Surh Gorge. Night ashore Azorchashma lake in tents.
11. Day. Descent to 6-th lake - Marguzor. Returning by car through 5-4-3-2-1 lakes to Dushanbe or to Hudzhant.
12. Returning to Samarkand (from Dushanbe through the frontier point of Sary-Asija) or Tashkent (from Hudzhanta through the frontier point of Oybek).