Hinchuli Peak Climbing (6441 m)

Hiunchuli Peak Climbing

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Hinchuli –  is one of three major peaks within the periphery of Annapurna sanctuary and was discovered by Col. Jimmy Roberts. Modi khola is seen from its eastern face which guards the main entrance to Annapurna sanctuary. In the year 1971 via the south east face it was climbed by the American Peace Corps Expedition for the first time. Mt. Hiunchuli still remains an unknown route. So, a few trekkers had climbed this peak because it lies in a remote location. This trekking way is not easy because it passes through steeps and dense bamboo forest, which is menaced by invisible danger of hanging glaciers. From the north, the mountain rises steeply above the moraines of the Annapurna south glacier in a series of shabby buttresses and an well defined and complicated north ridge. This leads to ultimate triangle of fluted ice which forms the summit. In the east, the summit is bounded by a ridge which rises in an icy parabola, and then we descend towards moraines over the lodges at base camp. Climbing Hiunchuli peak requires itinerary, map, good knowledge and experience because it is considered as one of the most difficult climbs for its climbing routes.

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