Razdelnaya peak expedition

Razdelnaya peak expedition

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Climbing is cool. It’s fashionable. More and more people every year want to test their ability in the mountains. But not everyone is equally rich and healthy for such expeditions. One able to attempt the highest mountain peaks of the world, like Everest and Cho Oyu. Others choose in the middle, at the peaks of 7000m +. But even more climbers are attracted by the so-called trekking peaks with a height of 6000m +. We have a large list of climbing programs for such peaks. Most of them are located in the Nepal Himalayas. But in the season of 2019, the top-selling trekking peak climbing program became Razdelnaya peak (6148 m.) package. Why?

The phenomenon of organised camps

In the Himalayas, there are a lot of peaks that attract climbers. But when you look at the climbing program and see the words Base Camp, what does this mean? Does this mean that the Base Camp is an organised place where climbers can expect comfortable accommodation, food, Internet and other facilities? Not at all! Very often, this is just a point, from where the ascent to the top usually begins. Everything that you will need for sleeping, cooking, seating, eating etc., you have to bring with you, or your tour operator must deliver it there for you.

In the Kyrgyz mountains, this is not so. At the foot of Lenin Peak, Khan-Tengri Peak and Ala-Archa, comfortable base camps have been created, moreover in Ala-Archa, the hut can host climbers all year round. But back to Lenin Peak. Arriving in Osh by plane, having one backpack, with your personal belongings, in just a few hours you will find yourself in a comfortable Base Camp. Here, tents with beds are ready for you, food is prepared. The camp has electricity, internet and even a doctor.

Here you can rent most of the things you need to climb. Last season, for the first time, even high-altitude boots were offered for rent.

So, it remains only to climb to the top. But on the way to it there is the Advanced Base Camp almost as comfortable as a BC, and high-altitude camps with pre-installed tents, high-altitude food and kitchen utensils. All this greatly reduces the level of requirements for climbers. Reduces climbing time and program cost. Here’s the answer to the question: why last seasons Peak Razdelnaya appeared among the best-selling destinations.

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Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Rock climbing, Bouldering, Lead, Top roping, Mixed climbing, In aid climbing

Rock Climbing program in Yangiabad, is celebrating the enchanting rocks of Yangiabad, Uzbekistan, may take place from April – November each year.
The Yangiabad Rocks are very famous among rock climbers since middle of past century. There are plenty of various routes on these rocks. Yangiabad also known as a place with stable and warm weather. We offer you spend five days in the mountains of Yangiabad. After this program all participants are invited to visit Samarkand and Bukahara.

Price is – $550 for the 5 days of the program

This sum includes:
– Accomodation in Tashkent;
– Transportation up to a Yangiabad and back;
– Full board accommodation in Yangiabad;

The given sum does not include:
– Individual guide or accompanying person with a car;.

All participants should have:
– Harness system;
– 2 Carabiners;
– Quickdraws;
– Warm clothes, raincoat;
– Warm cap;
– Trekking footwear;
– Climbing shoe;
– Sleeping mate;
– Chalk;
– Head torch;
– Good mood, songs, jokes, smiles.

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Mountains, Photo & Sightseeng in Uzbekistan. Sketch itinerary

Mountains, Photo & Sightseeng in Uzbekistan. Sketch itinerary

Contact information https://t.me/ClimberCA – telegram
WhatsApp / Viber +7966 065-53-44
e-mail – your@climberca.com

Chimgan-Beldersay is the most famous natural area in Uzbekistan, which is located in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan (90 km far from Tashkent). Chimgan in the best way approaches for photo leisure with families and children, Beldersay is more appropriate for hiking and trekking with your cameras. The most interesting areas for touring are situated between 2000-2500 m.

Sketch itinerary 2023

Day 01. Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting at the airport, transfer in Chimgan. Arrangements with an accommodation. If the time allows – walking tour around Chimgan Resort area.
Day 02. Early in a morning an ascent to the Western Ridge of Chimgan 2350 m. Majestic panorama of Ugam, Pskem and Koksu ranges of the West Tien Shan surrounding Charvak water reservoir opens up from this point. Descent to Chimgan. Return to hotel.
Day 03. Transfer in Amirsoy mountain resort. Ascent to the highest point (2275 m.) with the gondola lift. Descent is carried out through smoothed relief (steepness up to 30 degrees) without deep gorges and canyons. Archa and the deciduous woods grow on slopes alternating with open glades. Return to hotel in Chimgan.
Day 04. Going up by a good path to the Pesochniy pass (1,832 m). Descending to the gorge of the Gulkamsay river. After rest in the birch grove go through one of the most beautiful places in the mountains of Uzbekistan – the Gulkam canyon. Canyoning. After rest – climb back to the Pesochniy pass (1,832 m), then ascent to the Smaller Chimgan Peak (2,100 m). Panorama of Ugam, Pskem and Koksu ranges. Descent to Chimgan. Return back to hotel.
Day 05. Early morning pilgrimage to Kyzyl-Jar peak (1,866 m), for a spectacular sunrise over the Greater Chimgan 3309 m. Descent to Chimgan. Walk through the Ak-Sai gorge. Return to hotel.
Day 06. Departure by car to Tashkent along the Charvak artificial lake. The road goes around the lake through the Brichmulla-Nanai area, which incorporates villages, situated in the south-east of the Charvak water reservoir at 960 m. You vill have a look Brichmulla and other villages in the area: Yakkatut, Yanghikurgan, Yusufhona, Yubileiniy, Baladala, Bogustan, and Nanai people. A great majority of population are ethnic tajiks. We will finish our excursion in Khodjikent, place of ancient market with ancient platans and rock paintings. Arrive to Tashkent train station. Leave for Bukhara by the night train.
Day 07. 07.00 Meeting at the Kagan train station. Transfer to Bukhara. A breakfast in hotel; 09.00 Excursion across Bukhara; 19.00 Transfer to train station; 20.50 Train to Samarkand.
Day 08. 01.40 Arrival in Samarkand. A meeting at train station, transfer to hotel. 10.00. Excursion across Samarkand. 17.30. Transfer to the train station. 18.00 Train to Tashkent. 20.00 Arrival in Tashkent, meeting at train station, transfer in the airport. End of the program

The cost includes:
– All meetings, seeng-offs and transfers on a route. Service of a professional guide.
– Accommodation in guest house in Chimgan (or hotel on your choice).
– Registration.
– Railway tickets for a train (compartment) Tashkent – Bukhara, Bukhara – Samarkand.
– Railway tickets for «Аfrosiab» train Samarkand – Tashkent.
– Service of guides in Samarkand and Bukhara.
– Car with the driver during excursion in Samarkand.
– Breakfast in Bukhara and Samarkand (and in Chimgan at place of residence).

The cost does not include:
– A food in Chimgan and in the cities.
– Lift charge in Chimgan and Beldersay.
– Entrance tickets for excursion objects in Samarkand and Bukhara.

2 pax: 550 USD – accommodation in guest house. 630 USD – accommodation in hotel (Standard room).
3 pax: 455 USD – accommodation in guest house. 635 USD – accommodation in hotel (Junior suite room).
4 pax: 485 USD – accommodation in guest house. 600 USD – accommodation in hotel (Standard room).

Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent

Chimgan Mountains

The Chimgan Mountains are invariably attractive for mountaineers. The wide variety of Chimgan and its surroundings allows the activity in all kinds of mountaineering and landscape tourism. Mountains (Small and Greater Chimgan Peaks – 3,309 m) of Chatkal range, plateaus, the Black Waterfall (40 m) at the lower part of Greater Chimgan PeakGulkam waterfalls, attract a lot of tourists from Uzbekistan and abroad.

Chimgan Mountains Trekking Chimgan Photos

Chimgan landscape photographs West Tien-Shan Mountains Map


Uzbekistan Mountain Waterfalling



Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay


Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay. Experienced Technical Climbing

BC In Karavshin 2021

The Pamir Alai mountain range is a paradise for alpinists. An entire constellation of grandiose granite peaks juts from a narrow 20-kilometer strip of the Turkestan ridge. Every summer, outstanding mountain climbers gather there. On the area’s menu, there are rock formations for every taste. The north face Ak-Su Peak is delicacy for the gourmet: over 1500 meters of irreproachable granite. To feel the grandeur and power of this mountain, one needs to come to its base – or, even better, experience it on any of the 13 established routes. Until the winter season of 1998-’99, however, no one had succeeded in going to the top of Ak-Su in winter.

ClimberCA has every reason to say that “Asian Patagonia” (Kyrgyz Part of Turkestan Ridge of Pamir Alai) is the familiar area for us.

Thank you for your interest and, please, find related items adjoined for your consideration – Map and routes of the region of Pamir Alay, called “Asian Patagonia“.
MAP of Aksu, Asan-Usen, Sabakh regions

Aksu region

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