Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay. Experienced Technical Climbing

BC In Karavshin

The Pamir Alai mountain range is a paradise for alpinists. An entire constellation of grandiose granite peaks juts from a narrow 20-kilometer strip of the Turkestan ridge. Every summer, outstanding mountain climbers gather there. On the area’s menu, there are rock formations for every taste. The north face Ak-Su Peak is delicacy for the gourmet: over 1500 meters of irreproachable granite. To feel the grandeur and power of this mountain, one needs to come to its base – or, even better, experience it on any of the 13 established routes. Until the winter season of 1998-’99, however, no one had succeeded in going to the top of Ak-Su in winter.

ClimberCA has every reason to say that “Asian Patagonia” (Kyrgyz Part of Turkestan Ridge of Pamir Alai) is the familiar area for us.

Aksu region

  • Aksu (5217 m) peak. North face.
  • Aksu -Admiralteets peaks panorama.
  • “Pillar” of Admiralteets peak.
  • A. Block (5239 m) peak. North face.
  • A.Block peak. West face.
  • Petrogradets (5163 m)
  • Iskander (5129 m) peak.
  • “Pillar” of Iskander peak
  • Small Iskander peak. Routes Asan-Usen regionsPhotos
  • Common panorama Asan – 4810
  • Usen – 1000 letia
  • Asan (4230 m) peak. North West face.
  • Peak 4810 (4810 m). North West face.

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Mountaineering in Uzbekistan

Mountaineering in Uzbekistan

Activity holidays in Uzbekistan. Tours, outdoors in mountains

According to data of “Uzbektourism” the active forms of eco-tourism like rafting, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, speleology, horseback riding, and mountaineering come to 60 percent of all tourism in the Tashkent province. Locals, and also tourists from many other ountries prefer mentioned activities in Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent. Historical-cognitive tourism amounts about ten percent. Inactive forms of eco-tourism attract less than 30 per cent of tourists.

Uzbekistan Mountain Hiking


Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking


Uzbekistan Mountain Canyoning


Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

Uzbekistan Mountain Scrambling

Mountain Scrambling

Uzbekistan Mountain Waterfalling

Mountain Waterfalling

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Ascending Uzbekistan Mountain peaks

Ascending Mountain Peaks

Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting


Uzbekistan Snowboarding and Snow-skiing

Snowboarding and Snow-skiing

Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding

Horseback Riding

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Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Rock climbing, Bouldering, Lead, Top roping, Mixed climbing, In aid climbing

Rock Climbing program in Yangiabad, is celebrating the enchanting rocks of Yangiabad, Uzbekistan, may take place from April – November each year.
The Yangiabad Rocks are very famous among rock climbers since middle of past century. There are plenty of various routes on these rocks. Yangiabad also known as a place with stable and warm weather. We offer you spend five days in the mountains of Yangiabad. After this program all participants are invited to visit Samarkand and Bukahara.

Price is – $550 for the 5 days of the program

This sum includes:
– Accomodation in Tashkent;
– Transportation up to a Yangiabad and back;
– Full board accommodation in Yangiabad;

The given sum does not include:
– Individual guide or accompanying person with a car;.

All participants should have:
– Harness system;
– 2 Carabiners;
– Quickdraws;
– Warm clothes, raincoat;
– Warm cap;
– Trekking footwear;
– Climbing shoe;
– Sleeping mate;
– Chalk;
– Head torch;
– Good mood, songs, jokes, smiles.

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WhatsApp / Viber +7966 065-53-44
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