Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing

Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing

Uzbekistan mountains

Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing (Mountaineering) – Ascending mountains

Gelon plus climbing the Hazrat Sultan holy peak

Coordinates: 39°04’N 67°27’E

Gelon is a settlement in the Shakhrisabz district of the Kashkadarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The village was founded in 1305. The inhabitants of the village still keep the ancient customs and way of life. Until mid-2018, foreign tourists could not visit this village due to the special border regime.


Gelon is located in the southern part of Uzbekistan in Kashkadarya, on the western slopes of the Pamir-Alai mountains. The territory is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, 80 kilometers from Shakhrisabz. The village is surrounded on all sides by high mountains, reaching heights of more than 4,000 meters in the east. This is one of the highest mountain villages in Uzbekistan. It is not easy to get here along a difficult but picturesque mountain dirt road with numerous serpentines.


The climate is continental, dry, subtropical in places.


The population of the village is 5834 people (2019). The overwhelming majority of people here are Tajiks.

Interesting facts

Gelon is located at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level. In the vicinity of the village there are practically no flat plots of land where a tractor could be used, and the peasants are forced to cultivate potato fields on steep mountain slopes reaching 40 degrees, using a simple plow pulled by a pair of bulls or donkeys. Orchards are also grown on steep slopes and in river gorges.

Peculiarities of local life in the village of Gelon

A special pride of the inhabitants of the village is an extensive irrigation network of artificial canals laid along the slopes of the mountains for tens of kilometers. The most famous mountain potatoes in Uzbekistan grow here. Especially exotic is the central part of the village with old houses and narrow streets. The second floor of the house here is residential, and the first floor is used for keeping livestock. The same architecture is used in Tibet and in the highlands of Nepal. In the village, tourists can get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants, take a walk for 1-3 days in the picturesque surroundings, as well as in the neighboring villages Kul, Shut, Sarchashma. A river of the same name flows through Gelon. In the village there are interesting local artists, musicians who actively take part in various events, weddings. Gelon is the oldest settlement in the region and is considered the richest in the Kashkadarya region. The main activities in Gelon are planting potatoes, cultivating watermelons, fruits and raising livestock. All residents of the village are Muslims, they also hold weddings in accordance with Muslim Sharia rituals. Girls get married at the age of 18. A resident of Gelon is obliged to keep his wife clean and safe, to read sacred prayers, not to drink alcohol and not to smoke. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the revolution began, the Basmachi movement was developed in the village. At the moment, the Gelon settlement has the largest number of centenarians. Its inhabitants reach 85-90 years. Here you can easily see a man who is over 85, and he will be the embodiment of health and strength.


Not far from the village of Gelon is the holy mountain “Khazrati Sultan”, where thousands of tourists come to pray (Not to be confused with the highest point of Uzbekistan (4643 m.), Which is located on the Gissar Range in the Sariasiya district of the Surkhandarya region, on the Uzbek-Tajik border. In 1964 the first ascent of this mountain was made, it was given the name after the XXII Congress of the Central Committee of the CPSU. But there are no documents left from that expedition, just as no documents from other expeditions were found. It is known for certain that Uzbek climbers climbed this peak in 2010. Approaches to the peak from Uzbekistan are very difficult, so many expeditions tried to climb the mountain from the side of Tajikistan, the village of Sarytag, near Iskandarkul Lake). Also, being in the village, you can visit one of the most spectacular and abundant waterfalls in Uzbekistan, the 40-meter waterfall “Suvtushar”. On the way to the village, guests pass by the Hissar reservoir, which is a popular place among tourists. The best time to visit the region is from 15 June to 30 September.


Day 1 Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Gelon village. Meeting in Samarkand. Transfer to Shakhrisabz. City tour. Departure to Gelon. On the way, sightseeing of the Gissarak reservoir, then moving along the picturesque gorge of the Oksu River to the village of Gelon. Accommodation in a national house at an altitude of 2200 m. Walking around the village, visiting the house of the artist Muhammadi, the central mosque and teahouse. Visit to the village museum. Travel time from Samarkand to Gelon village 4-5 hours, 175 km.

Day 2
Gelon village – Mukhbel pass. Departure through the Urtabel pass (2466 m.) to the Kul village, then through the Serketartar pass (2537 m.), Baturbai gorge and Mirny pass (3150 m.), to the Khonako gorge and ascent under the Mukhbel pass. Setting up a camp at an altitude of 3100 m, accommodation in tents. Travel time 3 – 4 hours, 35 km.

Day 3 Peak Hazrat Sultan – the village of Gelon. Early in the morning ascent to the top of Hazrat Sultan (4083 m.) Hazrat Sultan is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. This shrine is known far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan. The grave of Hazrat Dovud is located at the very top. Here you will learn about the life and exploits of Hazrat Dovud. A magnificent panorama of the Gissar and Zeravshan mountains opens from the top. Walking time 5-6 hours, 12 km: +/-1000 m. Departure to Gelon village. Accommodation in the national house 2200 m. Travel time 3 hours, 35 km.

Day 4 Gelan village – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand. Departure to Samarkand. Travel time 4 – 5 hours, 175 km. _____________________________________________________________________

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Number of people & price per person 1 – $680; 2 – $570; 3 – $520; 4 – $475; 5 – $440; 6 – $420; 7 – $400

The tour price includes:

– Meeting and farewell. – Transport according to the program. / NIVA, NIVA CHEVROLET, JEEP or UAZ. 3 people in 1 car/ – Accommodation according to the program. – Full board meals. – Services of an interpreter guide / English or German / – Entrance tickets to historical monuments in Shakhrisabzs. – Museum, artist and blacksmith visit, local folklore. – Mountain guide services. – Cooking services, kitchen utensils, gas.

The tour price does not include:

Border pass, to visit the border area – $ 30.

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