Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay. Experienced Technical Climbing

BC In Karavshin

The Pamir Alai mountain range is a paradise for alpinists. An entire constellation of grandiose granite peaks juts from a narrow 20-kilometer strip of the Turkestan ridge. Every summer, outstanding mountain climbers gather there. On the area’s menu, there are rock formations for every taste. The north face Ak-Su Peak is delicacy for the gourmet: over 1500 meters of irreproachable granite. To feel the grandeur and power of this mountain, one needs to come to its base – or, even better, experience it on any of the 13 established routes. Until the winter season of 1998-’99, however, no one had succeeded in going to the top of Ak-Su in winter.

ClimberCA has every reason to say that “Asian Patagonia” (Kyrgyz Part of Turkestan Ridge of Pamir Alai) is the familiar area for us.

Aksu region

  • Aksu (5217 m) peak. North face.
  • Aksu -Admiralteets peaks panorama.
  • “Pillar” of Admiralteets peak.
  • A. Block (5239 m) peak. North face.
  • A.Block peak. West face.
  • Petrogradets (5163 m)
  • Iskander (5129 m) peak.
  • “Pillar” of Iskander peak
  • Small Iskander peak. Routes Asan-Usen regionsPhotos
  • Common panorama Asan – 4810
  • Usen – 1000 letia
  • Asan (4230 m) peak. North West face.
  • Peak 4810 (4810 m). North West face.

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