Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay

Asian Patagonia of Pamiro-Alay. Experienced Technical Climbing

BC In Karavshin

The Pamir Alai mountain range is a paradise for alpinists. An entire constellation of grandiose granite peaks juts from a narrow 20-kilometer strip of the Turkestan ridge. Every summer, outstanding mountain climbers gather there. On the area’s menu, there are rock formations for every taste. The north face Ak-Su Peak is delicacy for the gourmet: over 1500 meters of irreproachable granite. To feel the grandeur and power of this mountain, one needs to come to its base – or, even better, experience it on any of the 13 established routes. Until the winter season of 1998-’99, however, no one had succeeded in going to the top of Ak-Su in winter.

ClimberCA has every reason to say that “Asian Patagonia” (Kyrgyz Part of Turkestan Ridge of Pamir Alai) is the familiar area for us.

Aksu region

  • Aksu (5217 m) peak. North face.
  • Aksu -Admiralteets peaks panorama.
  • “Pillar” of Admiralteets peak.
  • A. Block (5239 m) peak. North face.
  • A.Block peak. West face.
  • Petrogradets (5163 m)
  • Iskander (5129 m) peak.
  • “Pillar” of Iskander peak
  • Small Iskander peak. Routes Asan-Usen regionsPhotos
  • Common panorama Asan – 4810
  • Usen – 1000 letia
  • Asan (4230 m) peak. North West face.
  • Peak 4810 (4810 m). North West face.

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Ala Archa Mountaineering school

Ala Archa Mountaineering School

Key Information:
Tour Duration: 2 – 7 day(s)
Group Size: 1 – 6 people
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Category: Rock climbing and mountaineering
Specialty: Ice, Mountain, Rock
Min Price: 500 USD per person
Max Price: 970 USD per person

Supplier of services:
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More info in Russian

The Ala Archa National Park is an alpine national park in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan, established in 1976 and located approximately 40 km south of the capital city of Bishkek. The park, which includes the gorge of the Ala-Archa River and the mountains surrounding it, is a popular destination point for weekend picnicers, hikers, horse trekkers, skiers as well as mountain climbers looking for challenging ice, rock and mixed routes. The park is open year round, although the most popular season is late summer and early fall. Every May 1st, the Alpinada festival sees hundreds of people camp out in the valley and climb Peak Komsomolets.

In Kyrgyz, the archa, which gives the park its name, is a bright or many-colored juniper which the Kyrgyz people have traditionally held in special esteem, using smoke from its burning wood to chase away evil spirits. However, the archa is not supposed to be planted near the home, because it is believed gradually to sap the energy from human beings living close-by.

The park covers about 200 square kilometers, and its altitude ranges from about 1,500 meters at the entrance to a maximum of 4,895 meters at Peak Semenova Tian-Shanski, the highest peak in the Kyrgyz Ala-tau range of the Tian Shan. There are more than 20 small and large glaciers and some 50 mountain peaks within the park. Two smaller rivers, the Adygene and the Ak-Sai, originate from these glaciers’ melting waters. The Adygene gorge is a beautifully wooded valley, with waterfalls, springs and abundant trout. A small reservoir on the Kargay-Bulak river was built to study the Amu Darya trout. Other wildlife includes the very rare snow leopard (in Kyrgyz: “ilbirs”) on the alpine meadows and snowfields above 2,500 m elevation, wild goats, roe deer and marmots.

There is a nominal fee for entering the park. Past the gate the road continues 12 km to a small collection of buildings, including one newly renovated lodge. At the end of the road, up a trail to the left (East), lies the Ak-Sai Glacier. The region’s most famous peaks rise from the Ak-Sai glacier, including Korona (4860m) and Free Korea (4740m). To the west of Ala Archa Valley is a trail to the Adygene valley where a climbers’ cemetery is located. A third main trail continues down the center of the Ala-Archa valley for 10 km to an old, now abandoned, ski area and numerous other 4000m peaks.


In Ala-Archa we offer following routes:
Svobodnaya (Free) (6510 m) peak. North face
Korona (Crown) (4810 m) group. North face
Korona (Crown) (4810 m) group. South face
Korona (Crown) (4810 m) group from West side
1 st tower of Korona (Crown)

Archa Mountaineering Archa Mountaineering Archa Mountaineering Archa Mountaineering Archa Mountaineering

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Singu Chuli Peak Climbing (6501 m)

Singuchuli Peak Climbing

Russian >>>


Singu Chuli 6501m an attractive mountain for climbing is also known as Fluted Peak. It was first climbed by W.f. Noyce and A.D.M. Cox from its North-East face and the top section of the East Ridge in 1952. Singu Chuli, an attractive mountain for climbing Annapurna South Base Camp offers very excellent view of this mountain.To start this climb, we drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara along the Trisuli and Marsyangdi River and further onto Nayapool. From Nayapool, we follow the way of Annapurna Base Camp trek then cross the Annapurna glacier to gain access to the North East Face of Singuchuli for another day.

This is is beautiful walk along the Modi River which drains from the Annapurna Base Camp which very sacred to the Gurung and Magar people of this region.We climb through the glaciers towards north ridge where we will set up high camp (4,900m.). From this camp we continue climbing.

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25-Apr & 16-May, 20-Oct

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Gasherbrum I 8068 m (Hidden Peak) expedition

Gasherbrum I 8068 m (Hidden Peak) expedition

 Departure: June 24, 2024

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Note: ClimberCA offers to you the best service & the firm prices of all kind of services we offer on our web-pages. Some services, which we offer to you, are truly unexampled.

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Departure 24-06-2024 to 15-08-2024

Duration of Expedition 53 Days Islamabad – Islamabad.
Climbing days 31 Days.
Trekking days 14 Days.
Hotel Accommodation 7 Nights.
Group size – 10- 15 climbers.
Type of expedition – Un-guided (Services upto Base Camp only).

10-15 Climbers US $ 4800 – per person (unguided)
Single supplement US $ 350 (single room & tent)

24-06-2024 Arrival in Islamabad; Hotel
25-06-2024 Drive to Chilas (13-14 hours); Hotel
26-06-2024 Drive to Skardu (9 hours); Hotel
27-06-2024 Free day for final preparation and briefing; Hotel
28-06-2024 Drive to Askoli by jeeps (6 hours); Camping
29-06-2024 Trek to Jhula (6-7 hours); Camping
30-06-2024 Trek to Paiju (6-7 hours); Camping
01-07-2024 Rest day in Paiju-Acclimatization day; Camping
02-07-2024 Trek to Urdukas (7 hours); Camping
03-07-2024 Trek to Goro-II (5 hours); Camping
04-07-2024 Trek to Concordia (4-5 hours); Camping
05-07-2024 Trek to Shagring (6-7 hours); Camping
06-07-2024 Trek to Gasherbrum Base Camp (4-5 hours); Camping
07-07 to 06-08-2024 Climbing Days; Camping
07-08-2024 Trek to Concordia; Camping
08-08-2024 Trek to Goro I; Camping
09-08-2024 Trek to Khuburste; Camping
10-08-2024 Trek to Jhula; Camping
11-08-2024 Trek to Askoli; Camping
12-08-2024 Drive to Skardu; Hotel
13-08-2024 Flight to Islamabad or drive to Chilas; Hotel
14-08-2024 Free day or drive to Islamabad; Hotel
15-08-2024 Departure from Islamabad


1 Transportation
• Transfer from the airport to hotel on arrival in Islamabad.
• Transfer from the hotel to the airport on departure in Islamabad.
• Transfer from hotel to airport in Skardu.
• Air-conditioned transportation for briefing, debriefing and sightseeing.
• Transfer by air-conditioned mini bus from Islamabad to Skardu. The specification of minibuses are as below:
7-10 pax Toyota Coaster (19 seater)
11-16 pax Toyota Coaster Saloon (25 seater)
• 4×4 jeeps/Toyotas from Skardu to Askoli and from Askoli to Skardu for members & luggage.
• One-way air-fare between Skardu-Islamabad.
• Free baggage allowance for members personal gear and collective expedition equipment would be as below:
Way up (Islamabad to Askoli) 75 kilograms per climber
Way down (Askoli to Islamabad) 50 kilograms per climber

Note: Flights to the Northern Areas of Pakistan are subject to weather condition. In case of flight cancellation/non availability of seats surface transfer will be provided).

2 Accommodation & Meals
Accommodation will be provided based on following hotels sharing twin/double occupancy.
Islamabad (4 nights with bed & breakfast) Hill View Hotel/Grand Regency Hotel
Chilas (2 nights with three meals) Shangri-La Midway/ Panorama Inn
Skardu (3 nights with three meals) Mashabrum Inn/ Concordia/K-2 Motel

Note: Alternate accommodation will be provided if rooms in above mentioned hotels are not available.
Check in before 12:00 pm is subject to previous night charges

3 Porterage (Low altitude porters)
• Low altitude porters to carry expedition food, camping equipment, personal gear and climbing equipment.
• Free baggage allowance for members personal gear and collective expedition equipment would be as below:
Way up (from Askoli to Base Camp) – 3 porters per climber
Way down (from the Base Camp to Askoli) – 2 porters per climber

• For extra personal luggage please check extra luggage charges.
• The porter cost is inclusive of their wages, food, equipment, kerosene oil, tarpaulin, cooking stove and insurance.

4 Taxes and fees
• Royalty Fee, Environment Fee & Liaison Officer’s Cost
• Road taxes
• Camping fees during trek.
• Bridge crossing fees.
Note: In case of pollution, fine/penalties will be the responsibility of expedition member or group.

5 Camping Equipment & Accessories
• Two men sleeping tent for camping shared by two pax
• Toilet tent
• Shower Tent
• Complete mess tent/table/chairs
• Store tent (for large groups)
• Mattresses
• Toilet papers etc
Note: In case of severe damage to sleeping tent, the cost of tent will be charged.

6 Kitchen Equipment
• Kitchen tent
• Kitchen utensils
• Lamps for light
• Cooking stoves

7 Food (Meals) during expedition
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Tea, green tea or coffee
Lunch: One dish lunch at the base camp and picnic lunch during trek
Dinner: Complete meal; soup, two/three dishes, salad and desert

8 Fresh Meat and Vegetable
CLimberCA has special arrangements to supply fresh meat and vegetables to the base camp time to time besides tin food/fruit.

9 Local staff
Daily wages, food, kit, insurance, accommodation of following staff is included in the price.
• Liaison Officer/Local guide
• Cook
• Cook helper
• Porter Sirdars
Note: Helicopter rescue of staff is not included as no insurance company offers this service in Pakistan.

10 Base Camp Representatives
CLimberCA has representatives at the base camps of major peaks (K-2, Broad Peak & Gasherbrum) to look after expeditions with satellite phone facilities. In case of any issue or urgent requirements you just need to talk to our representative. If porters are required on urgent basis our representative will make necessary arrangements.

Below mentioned services are not included in our package, but some of them can be provided on request in advance. Please contact ClimberCA for further detail.
• International air ticket & airport taxes.
• Visa fee for Pakistan & personal insurance of the clients.
• Cargo fee & custom charges for import and export.
• Beverages & laundry
• Sleeping bags, personal clothing and climbing gear.
• High Altitude Porters
• Food above base camp for members and High Porters etc.
• Any other service that is not mentioned in the list above.

• All expedition members will go together in one group and come back together. If group splits due to personal reasons, the cost will be charged additionally.
• Extra hotel nights (if any) will be charged to expedition members.
• Any extra cost due to road blockade or any other unforeseen reason will be charged in addition to normal package offer.
• If government imposes a fee or new condition resulting extra charges (after the package is submitted) the same will be charged in addition to normal package offer.

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