Pamir-Alay Trekking, Pamiro–Alai, Turkestan Ridge

Pamir-Alay Trekking, Pamiro–Alai, Turkestan Ridge

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We offer simple trekking via Turkestansky Range located in one of the most beautiful region of Pamir-Alai. The spectacular summits with sides converging at an altitude of 5000m sharp peaks likewise gigantic dice, adorn the wide ridge of watershed of Aksu and Karavshin gorges.The specialty of the mountains is comfortably warm weather, magnificent mixed forest and fast rivers headily running to sunny Fergana Valley.

Experts and professional climbers compare the region with Patagonia which is located in South America on the border of Argentina and Chili. But it is only outward similarity. “Asian Patagonia”, though, it looks like  South American “sister”, is quite different from it. The climate is more clement and the valleys are more beautiful. Green warm valleys cover the foothills of unbelievably steep marble peaks.

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