Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking

Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking

Trekking, backpacking, tramping, bushwalking in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking

Trekking in the Nurata mountains

Mountains, Photo & Sightseeng in Uzbekistan. Sketch itinerary

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Sketch itinerary 2023

Day 1.
12.00 Arrival in the Majerum village, accommodation in a guest house. The guest house has 4 rooms (15 beds).
13.00 Lunch.
14.00-18.00 Hike around the village (4 km)
19.00 Dinner.

Day 2. Hike from the Majerum village to the Hayat village.
7.00 Breakfast.
8.00-12.00 Visiting a water mill, the 2000-year-old Oriental biota tree and the ruins of an ancient mosque in the Majerumsay valley. Then cross a ridge to the neighboring of the Andygen village.
13.00 Lunch on a tapchan in the Andygen village.
14.00 Walk rond the Andygen village (the ancient mosque Avlieot and Mazar), then hike along the foothills to the Hayat village.
18.00 Accommodation in the guest house.
19.00 Dinner.

Day 3.
7.00 Breakfast.
8.00-12.00 Hike rond the Hayat village, then along the Hayatsaya valley (7 km), visit the ruins of the old village and Severtsov sheep nursery.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00-18.00 Workshop on baking home bread in a tandoor and cooking pilaf.
19.00 Dinner

Day 4. Hike from the Hayat village to the Ukhum village.
7.00 Breakfast.
8.00-12.00 Hike from Hayat village through a small mountain ridge to the neighboring Ukhum village (5 km).
12.00 Accommodation in a guest house in the Ukhum village.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00-18.00 Hike round the Ukhum village, to the mazar Eshon-bobo and to the petroglyphs in the Tykchasay valley (10 km).
19.00 Dinner.

Day 5.
7.00 Breakfast
8.00 Departure

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Tien-Shan Trekking

Tien-Shan Trekking – Trekking in the Tien Shan Mountains

Key Information
Tour Duration:
11 day(s)
Group Size: 1 – 14 people
Destination: Uzbekistan
Location: West Tien-Shan Mountains
Specialty Categories: Mountain Trekking/Mountain Climbing
Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging
Season: June – October
International Airfare Included: No
Local Transportation Included: No
Foodstuffs (survival ration) Included: Yes
Personal Travel Insurance Included: No
Personal Equipment Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Mountain Guides Service Included: Yes
Porters Availability: Yes
Cook Availability: Yes
Guide/Climbers Ratio: beginners – 1:5; advanced – 1:7 (maximum limit)
Download a Map: 2736×1920 1,25 МБ (1 314 816 байт)Trek Price Per Person – Contact information – telegram
WhatsApp / Viber +7966 065-53-44
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