Mountaineering in Uzbekistan

Mountaineering in Uzbekistan

Activity holidays in Uzbekistan. Tours, outdoors in mountains

According to data of “Uzbektourism” the active forms of eco-tourism like rafting, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, speleology, horseback riding, and mountaineering come to 60 percent of all tourism in the Tashkent province. Locals, and also tourists from many other ountries prefer mentioned activities in Uzbekistan Mountains near to Tashkent. Historical-cognitive tourism amounts about ten percent. Inactive forms of eco-tourism attract less than 30 per cent of tourists.

Uzbekistan Mountain Hiking


Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking


Uzbekistan Mountain Canyoning


Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

Uzbekistan Mountain Scrambling

Mountain Scrambling

Uzbekistan Mountain Waterfalling

Mountain Waterfalling

Uzbekistan Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Ascending Uzbekistan Mountain peaks

Ascending Mountain Peaks

Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting


Uzbekistan Snowboarding and Snow-skiing

Snowboarding and Snow-skiing

Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding

Horseback Riding

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Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting

Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting

Rafting routes along Chatkal, Oyga’ing, Pskem, Ugham and Ahangaran

Ugam Mountain River

We offer one day  route along Uzbekistan’s part of the Ugam river from village Humsan to Khodjikent water reservoir. The length of rafting route along the Ugham is 11 kilometers. The route starts from “Ugam” resort and finishes in the creek of the river where it flows into the Hojikent water reservoir. On this section raft-men usually make a double trip down the river. The number of obstacles makes your experience really impressive: in some spots the stream will press you against the rocks, in others you’ll need to raft sideways; and all the way down there are above-water rocks and submerged stones. All this is aggravated by the rapid current. However, in case of emergency situation, prompt mooring and urgent landing can be made at any length of the route.

Ugam Mountain River

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